Cocoa Farms Opportunity

With FADU, A Union Of More Than Half A Million Farmers....

Cocoa Farms Financing - Debt/Equity Opportunity

About FADU

The Farmers Development Union (FADU), an NGO, is a membership organization of Nigerian farmers numbering over half a million members. Since inception in 1989, FADU has created structures and program activities to improve members’ living standards.

FADU has a permanent core of Staff, who combine extensive experience designing and managing development programs with background in agriculture, business, finance, community development, rural sociology and food technology. FADU has 346 program employees, consultants and volunteers. FADU can access expertise in other areas

An Attractive Cocoa Farms Financing Opportunity

A rare opportunity to finance up to 400 hectares (1000 acres) of Cocoa Farms, on a Debt/Equity basis. This would produce 400 Tonnes of Cocoa Annually . The financing would also include the cost of cultivating the Cocoa till harvest. The Farms And the cultivation Programme would also be managed by FADU.

Cocoa produced would be exported, with European markets being targeted, and with export sales being handled by Local Merchant Services, who are FADU's Technical and Finance partners in Europe. For more information on this opportunity, email:

Interest of 2.8% Per Month paid on Cultivation costs

The financing package would also include a loan note for cultivation till first harvest in 2024 to include all fees. This will be provided upfront to FADU to be loaned as per a loan agreement signed with FADU, to FADU Community Associations at an interest rate of 2.8% per month on the outstanding balance, and fully guaranteed by FADU as Microfinance loans

FADU have been providing microfinance to their members since 1989 and have a miniscule default rate as loans are cross guaranteed within the individual FADU Community Associations and ultimately guaranteed by FADU itself.

Financing Package Structure

The repayment schedule would be structured so that capital would be repaid as required for cultivation as per the cultivation schedule, with interest being paid on the outstanding balance on a quarterly basis.

This microfinance loan would be fully guaranteed by FADU.


The Farmers Development Union (FADU) at creation, has the mandate for:

  • Membership mobilization, organization and consolidation
  • Strengthening technical, managerial and financial capacities of members
  • Micro-finance system promotion among members
  • Input supply for member-rural producers
  • Marketing of members’ products

    The FADU Membership is 524,000. The membership is organized into 104,494 groups (of five people each), 52397 Societies (each made up of two groups), 3,618 Districts (containing at least ten Societies each) and 754 grassroots zones.

    The group ensures discipline among its members of five, while the society links FADU for financial service to the members. The District performs overseeing role, screening and guaranteeing societies for eligibility for FADU loans. The grassroots zones provide platform for knowledge and experience sharing among Districts. The apex Union (FADU) provides technical support and financial services to all the formations within the grassroots structure.

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